Veg Sliders

We’ve discovered the perfect combo, the divine formula, the ultimate veg burger patty recipe, and we’re going to fork it over to you beautiful people. It tastes AHHHmazing and its texture is unbeatable. Beet burgers are not our idea; vegans have been shelling these babies out left and right because of their “beety” I mean “beefy” feel. But, there is so much that goes into to making a good burger, and we think it checks off all the boxes on our list.

Flavor is invariably the first item on our checklist and this burger has got it. We’ve packed in the flavor by working it directly into the mix. A dried herb mix of thyme, smoked paprika, and parsley lay down the earthy base for this burger. The zing comes from a healthy helping of whole grain mustard and a bit of apple cider vinegar. Onions and garlic are always a must, but a burger just isn’t a burger without umami flavor. To account for this missing link we added in mushrooms and vegan worcestershire (not all brands are vegan so double check).


With flavor super well covered, we focused on texture. Just beets didn’t cut it for us in this case, even though we agree they are a necessary component. To get that bite we were looking for we mixed in some other veggies. Beets, zucchini, short grain brown rice, and slightly pulverised black beans composed the A-team that makes this burger moist on the inside, crisp and caramelized on the outside, and oh so satiating.


The last box for us was structure. We HATE it when patties crumble apart and we knew there must be a way to get the burger to hold its shape. Good news is: these patties behave like burgers. We managed to get the patties to stick by adding in flax eggs and brown rice flour. It’s really that simple, but makes a drastic difference in the structural integrity of these slider patties.



(produces 16 slider patties)

Onion (2 cups, diced)
Garlic (4 cloves, minced)
Crimini Mushroom (1 cup, diced)
Short Grain Brown Rice (½ cup uncooked measure, prepared as per package directions)
Black Beans (1 16 oz can, drained and rinsed)
Zucchini (1 cup, grated, press out any excess liquid)
Beets (2 cups, grated)
Whole Grain Mustard (2 tbsp)
Vegan Worcestershire (2 tbsp)
Dried Parsley (1 tbsp)
Dried Thyme (1 tbsp)
Smoked Paprika (1 tbsp)
Flax Eggs (2, 2 tbsp ground flax seed + 5 tbsp filtered water)
Brown Rice Flour (½ cup)
Salt and Pepper (as desired)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 ºF. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Saute onions, garlic, and crimini mushrooms in a splash of water until softened.
  3. To a large mixing bowl add the black beans. Smash them lightly with a fork making sure to leave a bit of texture.
  4. To the beans add the cooked short grain brown rice, grated beet, grated and pressed zucchini, sauted onion-garlic-mushroom mixture, all of the spices, and the flax eggs.
  5. Combine the ingredients (hands work best) while adding in the brown rice flour in two sessions.
  6. Once combined scoop into ¼ cup portions. Form each into a patty by rolling the mixture into a sphere, pressing it into a disk about an inch thick, then patting in the edges until smooth.
  7. Place onto the prepped baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes making sure to flip them over halfway through the cooking process.
  8. Top with your favorite burger fixings and…


Dig in.

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