The Sweet Hereafter

The Sweet Hereafter is a rustic bar in Portland that besides having a wonderfully woodsy aesthetic, also knows just how to stuff a sub. Dine here and you’ll find that warm, soft, and chewy bread is definitely one of their strengths. They take the sub, an expected bar food, and with just a bit of flare make it exciting.

The buffalo soy curl sub was on the money! A mild, but flavorful buffalo sauce blanketed the soy curls. This Portland meat substitute has the perfect toothsome bite to classify as the proper sub filing. Miso chive cheese was unique, yet essential, as it added to the umami that radiated from the sub. Fresh and crisp lettuce and bright tomatoes drizzled with ranch were must have toppings that kept the sub classic, which we believe was the perfect way to go on this one. It was utterly delicious.



The blackened tempeh sandwich was a bit more on the creative side, and we must tell you that the bit of risk worked. The combo of smoky and tangy flavors married as grilled, cajun-seasoned tempeh was topped off with spicy beer mustard and pickles. We absolutely loved that flavor combo on its own, but the additional components of miso mayo, crisp slaw, red onion and tomato leveled up the sandwich to maximum flavor. A lightly toasted, but still delightfully chewy ciabatta bread, held in all the components making a good sandwich, great. This sandwich is a new vegan classic in our books.



We were in a sub/sammy kind of mood when we dined at The Sweet Hereafter and man were our cravings satisfied. With that being said there is plenty more to this bar’s menu to explore: an extensive drink menu as well as bowl entrees and list of starters all beg to be tried at this local, vegan bar.

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