Prasad Round 1

Alongside a meditative yoga studio and a modern spa is the wholesome Prasad. This adorable little eatery will have you feeling nurtured from the inside out. Beautifully plant based dishes in this urban eatery feeds your body loads of flavorful fuel. It’s no wonder this spot does so well in these health conscious crossroads, their food nourishes every fiber of your being. Whether it be the food itself or the hushed ambiance due to the proximity of yoga practice taking place, Prasad has a calming feeling to it that you cannot find anywhere else.

We especially became fond of this space during our stay in Portland, Oregon due to its selection of breakfast dishes. We leaned on this place to make us feel good at the beginning of each day when we knew we’d be junking out the rest of the time.


Granola atop of coconut yogurt kick started our day beautifully. The light, tangy, and smooth yogurt was probiotic-filled and, therefore, did wonders for our tummies whilst tasting like a tropical treat. The granola contrasted the tang of the yogurt with a cinnamon sugar sweetness. The texture of the granola still has to be our favorite bit of the dish because it was crisp yet moist, thanks to the fresh apples in it.


The farmhouse scramble was a savory haven that could replenish your bod after even the toughest vinyasa. Smokey, whole bean tofu chunks were braised and mixed in with tender beets that, texturally, would make you believe they had been smoked for hours. Greens and pumpkin seeds added body and crunch, completing the scramble. This delectable creation was drizzled with a mild, creamy sriracha based sauce, and it share the plate with a side of fluffed up millet that soaked in the flavorful main.  


After this experience we could not resist returning for more. We also can’t resist sharing the other goodies we tried so stay tuned for more on Prasad next week folks! These guys, believe it or not have even greater things in store.

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