December 31st, 2015 we found ourselves in a cozy condo in Waitsfield, Vermont. We’ve been city dwellers our whole lives and just needed a grand gesture, a getaway to welcome something new in with the new year. So we popped open a bottle of bubbly and had a party for two! Refreshments also included this mind blowing raw chocolate hazelnut butter into which we dipped pretzel sticks and sliced pears. The next day we hatched this blog.

We want to explore and nurture our passions as we grow. The passions we share (and in turn want to share with you) are as follows: veganism, cookery, traveling, writing, and photography. Ta-dah! A blog makes sense.

We want to support the vegan cause and we’re going to let this direct our travels. It’s a beautiful thing when vegans take the leap into entrepreneurism and grow businesses that give their communities quality, healthful vegan food. We want to lend our support to those brave pioneers both with our wallets and through exposure.

We want to get vegan food into your kitchen too by providing exciting, approachable recipes straight out of our own. Our kitchen is our happy place in which we prepare and appreciate foods that make us feel seriously good. It would be our honest pleasure to share the good with you!